Please read our Disclaimer before you use our website to convert Starmaker’s song into mp3.

Ninja Starmaker Downloader is only a tool to get a direct link to any audio/video file from a Starmaker app performance that is submitted by our users. All files come directly or are linked by Starmaker directly on their website.

We have limited capability in our operation. We DO NOT Save, upload or download any video and/or audio file from any link submitted to us. We DO NOT HAVE the capability to delete any video and/or audio file.

If you feel your intellectual property has been infringed we suggest you contact Starmaker app support directly using their website and/or email.

Their official email is appsupport@starmakerinteractive.com.

When performance is deleted from their original URL then automatically every link to audio/video file that is generated by our site will be failed/deleted. If you still can access any audio/video file link that we generated that means it’s not deleted by the original application and you need to contact the Starmaker support team again. You also can contact us at support@ninjastarmakerdownloader.com to remove any cache to delete performance.