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Follow the Three Simple Steps To Download your Starmaker Song Cover

#1 Paste the URL of your cover
Open the Starmaker app and play any cover you want to download. Then, copy the URL of that cover and paste it into the box above.

#2 Click on the Download button
Now Click on the Download button. Wait for the tool to fetch the song details from the Starmaker Server.

#3 Download your Song
You can now download your Starmaker cover and even the cover image. The tool will also show some useful info about the song and the user.

Just follow the steps below to get the URL of your Starmaker Cover.

Ninja Starmaker Downloader

#1 Open Starmaker App

Play the cover you want to Download

Ninja Starmaker Downloader

#2 Touch on the Share button

Next, Just Touch on the Share button

Ninja Starmaker Downloader

#3 Copy the Link

Lastly, Touch on the ‘Copy Link’ button.

Click on the button below to read about how to download and convert Starmaker’s song into MP3.

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Ninja Starmaker Song Downloader is a tool that allows users to download any Audio/Video from the Starmaker App. We don’t store any data on our website as everything comes directly from the Starmaker servers.

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