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Is Ninja Starmaker Downloader a safe Website?

Yes, Ninja Starmaker Downloader is 100% safe. We take our user’s safety and security very seriously. You, won’t find any malware or spam on our website.

Does Ninja Starmaker Downloader work on Mobile?

Yes. In fact, Ninja Downloader works on all devices which has an Internet browser.

Where are the Downloaded files stored?

All Downloaded files are stored in your device’s default download location. Please check on the internet to find your default location or change it if you want.

Does Ninja Downloader Store/Copy/Cache any of your recordings?

We do not save/download/cache any audio and/or video. We do not keep the download history of any user. This maintains your privacy when you use our tool.

Is it really Free?

Yes, it is totally free. You will never have to pay to use our services.

How to contact Support?

Just drop us an email at

Can you Download a Starmaker Live session?

No, Unfortunately, you cannot download a Starmaker live session.

About Ninja Starmaker Downloader

Ninja Starmaker Downloader is a tool that allows users to download any Audio/Video from the Starmaker App. We don’t store any data on our website as everything comes directly from the Starmaker servers.