How to use Ninja Starmaker Downloader to download songs from Starmaker

How to Download Starmaker songs using Ninja Starmaker Downloader?

In this Quick Tutorial, I’m gonna share with you how to download Starmaker songs using the Ninja Starmaker Downloader.

Some of the older methods that people have been using no longer work as Starmaker constantly keeps updating their app. Now, As of January 2022, the recordings aren’t stored locally on your phone. So, you will have to download your songs via an external website such as Ninja Starmaker Downloader.

I will tell you the step-by-step process and teach you how to convert starmaker song into mp3 easily using our Ninja Starmaker Downloader.

But first, let me make it clear that the quality of the file will only be as good as your original recording. So, make sure that you record your songs in a quiet place, adjust the effects and music volume, and only if it sounds good to your ear, post the cover on your Starmaker profile. Starmaker Downloader will not enhance your recordings in any way. 

How to get your Starmaker song's URL?

You will need the Link to your cover. Follow the process below to get your URL.

#1 Open Starmaker App

Firstly you will have to open the Starmaker app and then play the cover you want to Download.

#2 Touch on Share button

Next, Just Touch on the Share button. A number of options will come up on the screen.

#3 Copy the Link

 Lastly, Touch on the ‘Copy Link’ button. Your link will be copied and ready to go.

Make sure that your link doesn’t contain any additional text such as the Promotional content that Starmaker normally attaches to your Link.

“OMG! I found an amazing singer on StarMaker, take a look now! #StarMaker #karaoke #sing”

If your link contains any additional text like above, please remove it.
Now your link should begin with “HTTPS://”.

Next step, head over to Ninja Starmaker Downloader.

Paste your copied link in the input field as shown in the image below.

Ninja Starmaker Downloader will fetch the song details and once found, it’ll give you the link to download your audio/video.

It’s pretty simple and this tool works on all devices which have a browser and an internet connection. This includes Windows, Android, iOS, Mac.

I have been using Ninja Starmaker Downloader for a while now and it works very well. Apart from just giving the download links, the tool also provides additional info about the song and the user such as the number of views and likes, User ID, Profile Picture, etc which are publically available from the Starmaker server.

Now, once you have your file you can pretty much do anything you want with it. By that I mean, upload to Youtube, Instagram, or other social media networks. However, Starmaker has a media sharing option by default which enables you to share your songs from the app itself. But if you do so, your recording will have the Starmaker branding on it. Using the method I mentioned above, you can download the audio of your recording and then make a custom video to upload on YouTube.

How to convert Starmaker song into Mp3?

If you want to convert the recording from mp4 to mp3 format, you can use the Online-Audio Converter Tool such as this audio converter website. It is my favorite online converter that I use almost every time I have to convert an audio file. They have a number of tools that allow you to convert audio/video files into different formats. These include mp3, wav and amr. You can adjust the bit-rate as well to control the size of teh output file.

Why Ninja Starmaker Downloader is the best Starmaker Downloader on the internet?

Following are the main reasons why Ninja Starmaker Downloader is simply the best downloader to download your starmaker songs.

  • Ninja Starmaker Downloader is Easy To Use
  • It's 100% Free
  • There's absolutely No App Download Needed
  • You will get High Quality Files
  • Ninja Starmaker Downloader is Compatible with all devices
  • It's safe and Your Data is secure

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Below are some of the frequently asked questions about Ninja Starmaker Downloader and the Starmaker app in General.

Starmaker is a Karaoke singing game, as described by the company. Users can sing together and also appreciate each other’s work by sending virtual gifts.

Starmaker app has its origins in the USA. Jeff Daniel was the CEO and co-founder of StarMaker. StarMaker was later acquired in 2016 by Beijing’s Kunlun Tech Ltd.

Yes, you can. Click on this link to know how.

Ninja Starmaker Downloader is an online tool that allows you to download audio and video songs from the Starmaker app quickly and easily.

We don’t store any data on our website as everything comes directly from the Starmaker servers. Your privacy and safety is our number one priority.

We DO NOT HAVE the capability to delete any video and/or audio file.  However, when the original performance is deleted from their original URL then automatically every link to audio/video file that is generated by our site will be failed/deleted.

No, it is a 100% FREE tool. We will never ask you to pay us anything.

Just drop us an email at